The 3 sections for a successful future

The three sections of the Zukunftsagentur Bau (ZAB), which are to act overlapping as a directional guide for the future of the construction industry:


    As before, the tasks in the field of construction research are to be located at the Kompetenzzentrum Bauforschung - KBF. "The fusion will result in significant advantages for all parties involved, as synergies will be utilized and competencies will be bundled," says Gunther Graupner, CEO of ZAB, who has successfully managed the Competence Center Construction Research for several years. However, the field of action will not only be further developed, but also expanded to include key areas of construction research. The focus will also be on current topics such as building in times of climate change, circular construction, sustainable ways of handling resources, innovative construction methods, new designs and materials and building culture.
    The " Digital Transformation & Innovation" section is to be dedicated to improving digital value creation, as well as establishing innovations in the construction industry. The focus will be on bundling innovations, developing digital competencies in construction, building a digitization and innovation network of member companies and external institutions, and further developing existing projects for the digital transformation in construction industries. Focal points will be e.g. construction operations, digital methods of planning and manufacturing, , productivity, digitalization, automation, robotics and human resources (e.g. workplaces, occupational safety, work processes).
    The third area is dedicated to integrating the results from the areas of construction research and digitalization & innovation into continuing education, and acts as a communicator or multiplier in the innovation process. Because one thing is clear: "The digital transformation poses major challenges for medium-sized construction companies. With Zukunftsagentur Bau, we want to show what is possible and how it can be done." Harald Kopececk, CEO of ZAB and BAUAkademie BWZ Upper Austria, describes his mission.
Die 3 Bereiche für eine erfolgreiche Zukunft