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The terms "model building" and "research building" refer to special buildings that are often designed and used for specific purposes. A model building is a building that is intended to serve as a model for other buildings. It is a building that is particularly exemplary in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and climate protection. A research building is a building that has been specially designed for research purposes. For example, new materials, technologies or construction methods are tested and researched in a research building.

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The two concepts can be linked when a model building serves as part of a research project. For example, a model building for sustainable construction could also serve as a research building where new technologies and methods are tested to gain insights for the development of future construction projects.

In many cases, showcase buildings and research buildings are used to drive innovation in the construction industry, whether through the integration of environmentally friendly technologies, research into new building materials or the development of energy-efficient building concepts. Such buildings play an important role in demonstrating advances in building technology and supporting research efforts to improve the sustainability and efficiency of construction projects.

Scientific investigations in research buildings or on research models provide new insights into construction techniques, building systems and building materials, etc.

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Simulation room Bauakademie

In order to test the efficiency of thermal building component activation with concrete in practice, the consortium "Nachhaltige BAUTEILAktivierung" in...

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ETA Factory

The ETA factory of TU Darmstadt is located in the Lichtwiese campus and was completed in March 2016. Since then, the model factory has been used in pa...

Climatic room

As part of the Copernicus research project "Synergie", a climate room was completed in 2019 in the hall area of the ETA factory (TU Darmstadt), which ...

Project wind heating 2.0

Wind energy now accounts for the largest share of electricity generation from renewables in Germany. However, especially during the typically windy wi...